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Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving day is a North American celebration, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. This holiday is celebrated in United States since 1863. Its origin is basicaly religioso … to give thanks to God for the survival of the Pilgrims after their arrival to the New World.

In 1620,a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymounth, England carrying an assortment of religious separatistas with the hope of finding a new home and the ownership of land in the New World. After 66 days of sealing they dropped anchor near to the tip of Cape Cordfar north of their destination at the mouth of the Huston River. And a month leater they creossed Massachusetts Bay.

During that cruel winter, only half of the passengers and crew member survived to see their firts New england spring.  In March, the remaining group of Pilgrims moved onshore, where they were visited by an Abernaki indian who greeted them in English. Several days after he returned with another natie called Squato. squato thougt the Pilgrims, who were suffering by mal nutricion and illnes how to survive int eh New World, cultivating corn,catching fish and rcognice poisonous plants. He help them also to forge an alliance with the Wampanoa, a local tribe, this alliance lasted about 50 years.

In November 1621, the Governor William Bradford organized a celebratory feast for the first corn successful harvest. For this celebration wer invited a group of fledging colony’s Native American allies. This festival lasted 3 days.

There is not record of the menu affered, but more likely the dishes were prepared using the traditional Native American spices and cooking methods. And because the sugas supply was finished ore likelly there was not cake or pie as future in the mdern celebration.

Thanksgiving has lost its original religious significant, now it’s more about cooking and getting together with friends and family over a delicious meal. The turkey has become the symbol of the holidays and this is prepared baked, rosted or deep-fried. Other traditional food for this holidays is mash potatoes, stoffing, cramberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

Let’s celebrate the holidays giving thanks for a delicious meal, wonderful family and friends in our life.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.  

Search for thanksgiving

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