The Origin of the Christmas Celebration on the 25 th December

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I was searching the hystory channel to get some background and historical information about Christmas, and I was surprise that the origin is more pagan than christian; history and the origin of the things is always fascinated, because when you see the way how we celebrate this holiday now, you can taste the evolution of  men and their tradition and see the changes.
The majority of Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th, the popular tradition include the exchanging of gift, attending church, decorating Christmas trees and the entire house,  sharing meal with family and friends, listening to Christmas music and in some countries, people wait for Santa Claus or Baby Jesus to arrive on December 25th. But in most of the Latin American countries the celebration start on the 24th, and the celebration is extended until midnight when the Baby Jesus arrive, at this point all children at home are so excited with this celebration, that they do not go to sleep, usually the gift that are under the Christmas tree and only after midnight is when  they can open the gifts.
It is very interested that the only celebration practice by the early Christians was Easter (The anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus from the death), the bible does not mention the date of Jesus birth.  But in the 4th century, church officials decided to institute the birth of Jesus as a holiday, even that the bible does not show any sign that Jesus birth was in winter but make us think that it was in spring. Even so, the Pope Julius I chose December 25th. Some people believe that the Pope had chosen this day in a effort to adopt or adsorb the tradition of the Pagan Saturnalia Festival. In this festival celebrated by Romans around the time of winter, members of the upper class celebrated the birthday of Mithra, the god of the unconquerable sun on December 25th. For some Romans Mithra’s birthday was the sacred day of the year.

As you has seen, things did not started so right; the Catholic Church adopted this day with the intention that the popularity embrace the holiday giving them the ability to dictate how it was celebrated.

Today, some people celebrate the birth of Jesus, others the arrival of Santa Claus, which has become the maximum symbol of the holiday, together with the Christmas tree, the lights, etc…. in some countries, with less Engels influence, the setting of a Nativity scene in the houses is very common and important, showing us the real reason of Christmas… the birth of Jesus.

We cannot change the past, how things began, but in our present, remember the real reason of Christmas, a celebration for the birth of Jesus, and celebrate it with Joy, Peace, Love and Family.

Feel the same joy that the sharpers  and the three kings felt when they were in front of the Baby Jesus, they where waiting for their King, and their King had arrive as a baby.

Merry Christmas!!! – Feliz Navidad!!

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