Baked Turkey Recipe

Recipe from the book: MI COCINA a la manera de Caracas by Armando Scannone) , Translated into Enlish by: Karina Espinoza
This recipe can be used for thanksgiving or for your Christmas Menu

1 turkey of about 8 kilos;
2 or 3 limes;
1 teaspoon of salt and 1/8 tsp of ground pepper to rub the turkey inside previously;
1/2 kilo of blended onion, 2 cups;
  cup of  vinegar;
3 spoonfuls of oil;
12 crushed clove of garlic;
the white part and something of green of  4 of chive chopped finely , 1 cup;
the white and something of the green, of wild leek chopped finely, 1 cup;
3 stems of celery in pieces, without the leaves;
3 bay leaves;
3 spoonfuls of salt;
3 spoonfuls of English sauce Worcestershire;
1 teaspoon of worn out pepper;
2 either 3 small branches of teaspoon thyme (or 1/4 if dry it is ground).
3 or 4 small leaves of salvia;
2 small branches of parsley;
1 cup of dry white wine;
3 or 4 spoonfuls of cognac;
the pulp in pieces of 2 chopped apples, in pieces and without the heart and the seeds;
1 bare orange and finds out;
1 cup of consomme;
1/2 sugar teaspoon;
 1/8 teaspoon of worn out pepper.

1. Clean the turkey, if it has breakage in the skin agrees to stick close to them, eliminates the neck (that is left aside), eliminate the excess to  of fat and skin, especially in the back part. Wash it and rubs it with lemon  outside and on the inside. Rinse it well. Rubs the interior  of the turkey with the teaspoon of salt and the 1/8 of pepper teaspoon.

2. Crush the onion, the vinegar, the oil and garlic together, goes to a package to do a marinade adding to him ceboll铆n, wild leek , watch over, the laurel, the salt, the English sauce, the pepper, the thyme, salvia, the parsley, the wine and cognac. With that marinade and in an appropriate turkey pan, rub the turkey  in the inside and on outside and put it in the refrigerator for several hours, turn over the turkey every so often.

Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites3. Preheated the oven at 450 degrees. 

4. Introduce in the cavity of the turkey, something of the marinade, 1 leaf of laurel, the whole orange and the pieces of apple. Tight the thighs of the turkey  and the the wings, so that they are close to the body. Put inside of the oven an oven  proof bol  with water to have humidity within the oven. Put in a tray to bake, the turkey with the breast upwards pour the marinade and put the neck in the pan. Covers completely the turkey with bacon or slices of bacon . Cover the turkey with foil, put the turkey in the oven, on the low grid, bake it for 50 to 60 minutes, about 8 minutes per kilo. Remove the foil , turn the turkey to  one side and bake it 30 minutes more, until it is golden. After that time, turn the turkey with the brest upright, without covering  bake the turkey for 30 more minutes, until it is golden. Put the turkey by the side that is not golden and bake it for 30 more minutes, until golden. For a total of 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Every time yu turn the turkey pour on the turkey from the juices in the oven pan.
5. Remove the turkey from the oven, put the turkey on a tray. Remove what is inside of the turkey, put the apple  aside. Cover the turkey with foil (aluminum paper) and  left it aside. The tray and the marinade that is in the tray are going to be used it in the preparation of the sauce.
 6. Eliminate the neck and the fat from the turkey pan. Put the  rest of the marinade in a blender and blend it well. Pass the marinae through a fine strainer, tightening solids against the walls of the strainer. It is put aside. For the rest that is adhered in the tray, add 1- 1/2 of water to create a consomme put it to the fire to facilitate to scrape all dark completely adhered to the tray. It is strained through a fine strainer, do not blend it, to conserve its beautiful color. It is left aside. The apple is blended th the 1/2 cup of remaining consomme. It is put aside.

7. Remove any fat floating on the surface of the consome and the rest of the sauces, use a spoon for this.

8. Mix together ina a bol the marinade, the strained sauce, the crushed apple, the rest of the salt and of the pepper, mix, one takes to a fervor cooks about 2 minutes, add salt and papper, if necessary, and it retires of the fire.

This is our real Baked Turkey for our Christmas dinner 2010

Baked Turkey on Foodista

Good Eating!!!

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