Steaming Broccoli and Glazed Sauted Carrots


The cooking method that I present  here is applicable for all kind of vegetables. You can use a steamer, a double boiler or staking Chinese bamboo steamers. The principle is the same using this different tools.

  1. Put water into the bottom of a steamer and bring to the boil.  Please the broccoli on the steamer rack, spreading the florets out in a single layer. Cover the steamer.
  2. Steam the broccoli until cooked (test by picking the thickest part – here the stalk of a florets – with the tip of s paring knife). Remove from the steamer and serve immediately.


In this recipe baby carrots are finished with a delicious butter and sugar glaze. You also can glaze other sauteed  vegetables. ei. baby turnip and cubes of winter squash. You can use the same measurement for other vegetable to get the same results.
20 small baby carrots or 225 gr (8 oz) peeled, sliced carrot, parboiled for 3 minutes and drained.
45 – 55 gr (1-1/2 to 2oz) butter

1-1/2  to 2 tsp granulated sugar

  1.  Put the carrot in a hot saute pan with the butter and sugar (use the smaller amounts of sugar and butter for baby carrots).
  2. Turn and toss the carrots until they are tender and coated with the sugar/butter glaze. Sere immediately.

Serve together with steamed broccoli as part of our delicious Saint Valentine’s Day Menu

Good Eating!!!

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