Tiramisu: The Italian Cake

锘縏iramisu is one of the the most popular Italian cakes. It’s made of biscuits dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and cram cheese or mascarpone, and flavoured with liquor and cocoa. In the picture above you can see perfectly the biscuits and the cream, on top cocoa powder, delicious, simple and easy to make, perfect.  The only disadvantage is that you have to wait a minimum of 12 hours until the cake  get firm in the refrigerator, but it’s worthy.
There are many versions of this recipe, my favorite is found in Venezuela Dulce, Los Mejores Postres Nacionales e Internacionales, is written in Spanish. But for those who love Venezuelan desserts this book has a good selection .
2 eggs separate the yolks from the rest
3 spoonfuls of sugar
1/2 lb (250 gr.) of mascarpone or cream cheese 
250 ml of cream milk , whipped  
1 cup of black coffee, strong and cold
3 spoonfuls of brandy or liquor of coffee
Black cocoa powder (sweet)
  1. Whisk the egg yolk and sugar in a big bowl until thick, creamy and light yellow. Add the mascarpone (in another bowl and give it a quick stir to loosen it up) or cream cheese and mix until well blended Add the whipped cream milk and mix it with a spoon. Put aside. Picture 1.
  2. In another bowl whisk egg whites until form firm peaks. Continue to fold the egg whites into the Mascarpone and mix until there are no lumps. Do not let the mix lose its volume. Picture 2
  3. Mix the the strong black coffee that you have prepared before with the brandy of coffee liquor in a bowl, dip the biscuits in the coffee mixture. At this time dip only half of the biscuits. Line a large and fairly deep dish with the  ladyfingers that you just wet in the coffee mixture. Pour some of the coffee mixture for extra moist  effect. Add a thin layer of the cream prepared (Item 1-2), extend it evenly.
  4. Dip in the  rest of the ladyfinger in the coffee mixture, make sure that it’s very wet. Add another layer of the ladyfinger biscuits  already wet in the coffee mixture. Pour the rest of the cream prepared (item 1-2), spread evenly, make sure to get a thick layer of cream. Even the surface and  sprinkler cocoa powder on top, as much as you wish.
  5. Place the Tiramisu in the refrigerator for 12 hours or until it get firm.
 This dessert is perfect when you have guests at home for dinner.
Good Eating!!!

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