My First East Indian Cusine Experience

Trinidad & Tobago cuisine is a blend of Indian, Amerindian, European, African, Creole and Chinese influence.

I confess that I really like East Indian Cuisine. The flavor is very exotic, peppery, creamy and you can eat most of the food with your hands, very exotic.

When I came to Trinidad for first time to study English I decided to try all type of food, I think, when you go to a new country you have to open your mind, to try new things… The food experience send me to the bathroom the first time, my stomach was not accustom to get any type of spices… that was really bad, I think the food was not good, it was from the night before. May be my friends did not keep it in the refrigerator or something like that. I decided to try again another day because the food tasted good, so may be something when wrong with the storage of the food.

I reached Trinidad in September, just one month after we were in the middle of a National Holiday Diwali. Holidays are the best time to know the culture and here Diwali is for the Hindus like Christmas is for  Christians. So there were a lot of food, music, drinks (no alcoholic) and lights. That was for me the best time to fall in love for Trinidadian-Indian Food.

I was invited to a  small village called Felicity where most of the population is Indian. I was so exited, my friend Ingris  and I dressed the typical outfit with all the costume jewelry and all. We sat down at a long table with so many people that we harly know but the environment was so peaceful everybody helping to set the table, and helping with the children. So wonderful memories.

When finally the table was set I, I was wondering where were the places and the cutlery.  For my surprise, we was going to eat with our hands. And the plates were a  big leaf, I think it was a plantain leaf, I am not sure. After I overcome all my mental issues with the “eating with my hands” I was ready to enjoy the meal. And everything was very tasty.

I think my weakness for Trinidadian Indian Cuisine was born that day. Indian food is a  very good option for those who want to go vegetarian, without scarifying  flavor.

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In the following post I will take you to different dishes that you can eat at any time.

Good Eating!!!

See you in our new post.



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