Preparation of Chicken and Other Birds

Everybody loves to each chicken -with the exception of  the vegetarians- and chicken is one of the most popular birds in most common kitchens… and other thing that most people have in common is that we hate to prepare it, and I do not mean the cooking, I mean the cleaning, cutting in fact the entire preparation before the chicken is ready to be seasoned.

I remember asking my father to clean and cut the chicken for me, after he finished I was ready for the rest…  After I moved out from home to another city to study engineering, I had to do it myself. And you know it is not that bad.

Here I will give you some tips that will make easy the preparation of the chicken and any other birth.

  1. Remove the chicken from the freezer and place it in a bowl with water (do not remove from the plastic bag). Let it to defrost. This may take about one hour.
  2. When the chicken is defrost. Remove it from the plastic bag. Remove the giblets (heart, liver and gizzard) and the neck, in some countries you can find the giblets and neck in a pepper bag inside of the chicken. You can use the giblets to make stock (do not use the liver to make stock)
  3. Wash the chicken thoroughly (inside and out) in cold water. Remove any frozen parts -this cause uneven cooking – and remove any inedible parts.
  4. Dry the chicken with pepper towels, drain the cavity of the chicken as well. A dried chicken is easy to handle and marinates clings better.
  5. Remove the large fat deposits that are located on the  tail ens of the cavity. If you are roasting the chicken do not cu the skin, you will need it for trussing. For this use a sharp knife or poultry shears to remove and discard the tail and these large fatty deposit.

Fotos taken from:–1090/cleaning-chicken.asp

Good Eating!!!

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