A Cute and Affordable 1st Birthday Party

Happy First Birthday my Dear Son!
The last 27 of February I celebrated the first birthday of my son Estefan, time flied so fast that in no time my baby boy pass from doing nothing to crawl and then just stand up and then almost one year has passed already.
I really wanted get together with my friends and celebrate my son’s birthday party, he has been a blessing for me and my husband.  We were  a kind of short of money for the occasion so I had to put my mind to work to get the best thing that we could do in the budget.
I chose a very difficult character cartoon for the party POCOYO from Discovery Kids, basically because he looks just like Estefan, I made my mind and I wanted to use him as a theme of my party, after a while I found that I could not get any party supplies with him, forget the party mega stores, here you cannot find that.  But with internet and a printer I got enough images of him and his friend to make all the party decoration and the party favors.
I would like to share some ideas and pictures, from my baby鈥檚 first birthday party; I hope this can inspire you to put together the children party decoration without spending too much.

The birthday cake have a print  in edible paper
I purchased the cake from a bakery and I did a composition in the computer with the picture of POCOYO, his name and the age. The bakery just printed it in edible paper and air brush the cake. This saved me so much time.
Two days before the birthday party I put made the party favors, I made tags with the name of the children to come to the party. I confirmed in advance who was going to come. As you see the tags are just prints of Pocoyo that I pasted on a card board and I wrote the children name.

The last lollipop

I put all the party favors鈥 in a decorated box, and I used it to decorate the table where I had the cake and the sweeties. Imagine, the box is a old dipper box, I rapped in white paper and I paste on each face of the box a print of Pocoyo (the same used on the cake), I did a ruffle with craft paper and I pasted on the bottom of the box
In the picture above you can see me giving away the lollipops, the lollipop holder was just a told box raped in blue card board, with the prints in a white background and I put on top all the lollipops decorated with paper in two colors (pink and blue).
I placed the balloons (white, pink and blue) all over the house so the children could play with them.
Beside all the decoration I also made cake pops, three color gelatins and other stuff to eat, the cake pops were the sensation (my camera gave me some problems in the beginning, by the time we fixed the camera there was not cake pops to show, it is a pity, next time I will take some picks.
I have to confess that with a little time that I had and the amount of things that may husband and I made that day we were very tired at the end of the day. But very satisfied of the job done and the time spent with our friends and son鈥 that day he gave us the best present, he started to walk.
Good Eating!!!

See you in our new post.



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