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This last Saturday was my first class in Cake Decoration (level I) , I was so exited. I had never made royal icing before or  used a decoratin bag and all those tools.

The days before I went to the lcoal decoration shops (only two in the city) to buy the material, I will list the material for you in case that you want to follow with my this wonderful experience.  The list of materials that you will se below is what we will be using during the entire course, of couse with the icing sugar and the eggs that you will use every time that you are making icing.

List of Material:
1 pack of icing sugar
messuring cups
2 couplers for changing tips
2 hand towels
2 piping plastic bags (disposables, call also pastry bags)
1 plastic bowl 6″ (much beter using glass or stainless steel)
2 eggs (you will need the egg whites every time you make icing)
food coloring, basic colors (gel spread moch better in acing and are more intense than liquid)
glass 10″ x 10 ” (it can be a smooth plastic board)
lily nail set, rose nail No. 7
mixer or egg whisk
Angled spatula  (offset spatulas)
stamens (colors: whiye, yellow, pink)
Wilton tips (tubes) No. 1, 2, 16, 18, 23, 104, 103, 125, 352, 70, 112 & 5

Search for wilton cake decorating
Our first class featured:

  • Hygiene and sanitation of the working area and tools.
  • Care and storage of equipment of hand tools, food borne diseases (eggs)
  • How to mix royal icing which is the ABC of cake decorating with royal icing
  • Basic borders, rosettes, shell borders, reverse shells, zigzag (for all these techniques see videos below)

Basic Hygienic and  sanitation tips:

  • Keep your hair tight while you are working
  • Wear a upron
  • Remove apron before going to the bathroom
  • Keep your nail short and clean
  • Wash your hand all the time – keep your hands clean at all times
  • Sanitize with bleach the area  (table) where your are working
  • Keep your tools clean and dry
  • Store your tools in a clean and dry box
  • Clean your tools before and after using them
  • Wash eggs before using them  (use soap)


In a  small bowl pour the white eagg, use the mixer and mix until soft picks, add the icing suggar, keep mixing until getting the desire consistancy.

Option 1: Stiff Icing

Stiff icing is used for decorations such as flowers with upright petals, like roses, carnations and sweet peas. Stiff icing also creates your figure piping and stringwork. If icing is not stiff enough, flower petals will droop. If icing cracks when piped out, icing is probably too stiff. Add light corn syrup to icing used for stringwork to give strings greater elasticity so they will not break.

Option 2: Medium Icing

Medium icing is used for decorations such as stars, borders and flowers with flat petals. If the icing is too stiff or too thin, you will not get the uniformity that characterizes these decorations. Medium to thin icing is used for icing your cake. Add water or milk to your icing recipe to achieve the correct consistency.

Option 3: Thin Icing

Thin icing is used for decorations such as printing and writing, vines and leaves. Leaves will be pointier, vines will not break and writing will flow easily if you add 1-2 teaspoons light corn syrup to each cup of icing.


  1. Practice with the icing on a plate to gain confidence. Frosting can be scooped up and reused as long as it’s rebeaten every half hour to maintain elasticity.
  2. Throughout piping, periodically twist the top of the bag and apply gentle pressure to push the frosting down toward the decorating tip. This helps eliminate air bubbles and ensures that an even stream of frosting comes out of the tip.
  3. Inspect the decorating tip regularly, wiping away any frosting buildup, which could interfere with your decorations

After reaching home from my class y went to the internet and I found very usefull videos showing the same techniques that I ust learned in class.

I am not a expert inc ake decoration, that whay I am doing this course, my bad I did not carry any camara that day, bud when I came back home I seached in the internet and I found a serie of very usefull videos, that I selected for you. You will see in those videos all the techniques that I learn in the class. I hope you enjoy my video selection.


Search for wilton cake decorating



Search for wilton cake decorating



Books Recomended in Class:
Decorating cakes: A reference & idea book (The Wilton school)Wilton Flowers and Cake Design Lesson Plan

Good Eating!!!

See you in our new post.



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