Yuca Frita – Fried Cassava

Cassava Root

Cassava is a root native of South America, but is cultivated also in Africa. This root is very versatile, it can be boiled, steamed, fried (after being boiled or steamed).

Cassava or “Yuca” as we call it is very common in Venezuela, you can find it in all supermarkets and markets, fresh and nice.  In my case I used to get cassava  from my parents’ house back yard, since my parents get retired they started to plants some provisions, plantain and fruits… without mention that they got some chickens too.

I would like to share a very nice and easy recipe that can be used as even in your party serve with “guasacaca”, tartar sauce, tamarind sauce.  You can find cassava  pre-boiled, selected  and packed, a very good option when you do not know how to select a fresh good cassava. Like me, I buy the frozen cassava  and it always came out perfect.


Fried Cassava with Guasacaca and Beef


  • 1 pack of frozen cassava (16 oz.)
  • salt to taste
  • water
  • Cooking Oil
  • Kitchen paper


  1. If you are using fresh cassava, cut the ends, clean it very good, remove any dirt, peel it, use a small sharp knife to make a vertical cut in the cassava and then peel it with your hand with the help of the knife.  Wash it again, and cut it in pieces (the length that you feel comfortable with)
  2. If  you are ussinf frozen cassava, take them out of the pack.
  3. Using a pot, pour water enough to cover the cassava, bring it to boil and add salt. Add the cassava, make sure that the water cover the cassava, Let it cook until the cassava is soft but firm.
  4. When the cassava is ready, rinse it. and let it cool.
  5. Cut the boiled cold cassava lenthwise.
  6. Pour oil in a fry pan, let it get very hot, place the pieces of cassava in the hot oil.
  7. Let the cassava get light golden before you turn it to the otherside.
  8. Turn it again and let t get more color, then turn to the other side.
  9. Rest the fried cassava on paper, let the excess of oil be drained.
  10. Serve hot  with any of these: white cheese and butter, guasacaca, tartar sauce, tamarind sauce, pink sauce (mix of tomatoes sauce and mayonaise) or meat.

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Good Eating!!!

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