The Worse Cake Decorating Experience Ever!!!

When I joined the Cake Decoration course last month I never thought that in such beautiful activity you can feel so frustrated. You see in the TV how easy the professional make those cake, how easy they decorate the cakes, so you think “it is not that hard” but the reality is that the “first time is always painful”.

So I am hear shearing my pain and frustration. The frustration of decorating a real cake for first time, I say “real” because in class we have decorated cake. Believe me it is far easier that with a real cake… the crumbs!!! there is not crumbs.

I went to my class last Saturday very happy with my  “real cake” – because of lack of time, I decided to make a box cake -no matter. It was all right, the problem, this type of cake is very light, and usually is decorated with frosting, in Trinidad we ussually use royal icing to decorate the cakes, and frosting too, but in this occacion, it was royal icing.

I learned a lot from this experience, I know what I do not have to do. But let me tell you I heated this cake, every thing when wrong.

1) the cake was too light for the royal icing,
2) the icing did not have the  the right consistancy, it was too soft and shiny.
3) when applying the first coat of royal icing, all the crubs came out and mess the icing.
4) I did not let the first coat of icing get hard before appling the second coat.
5) the second royal icng had the right consistancy, but I should remove the first icing and discard, and start over again with the “good” icing.
6) because the first coat of icing was too light and soft after I applied the second coat, the entire icing start to run out.

In conclussion it was a desaster. I have the proof. Take a look at the picture below and feel the pain…

At the end I remove the entire icing, not to fix it, but to eat the cake… I was son desapointed with this cake that I did not want to see that icing again.

I know something for sure… I need to practice, and practice and practice.

It not that bad after all, I learned from the experience…

Good Eating!!!

See you in our new post.



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