Colorful Martinis for your Party

Searching on my old magazines for my next cocktail party with my friend I found the perfect recipes for some martinis, very easy to make, colorful and very tasty.

I would like to meet with my friend around some martinis, cheese, creams, fruits and bread. Simple, but a nice opportunity to talk and relax at home.

All these recipes are for a single glass. Use a cocktail mixer and serve them in the Martini glasses.

1 oz. Alize Bleu
1 oz. Stoli Citrus
1/2 oz. sour mix
1 Maraschino cherry

In shaker  combine all ingredients with ice. Shake and strain into glass. Garnish with cherry.

2 oz. Stoli Vanilla
1 oz. Malibu Coconut rum
3/4 lime, freshly squeezed
Splash of pineapple juice

In shaker combine ingredients. Shake and pour over ice. Garnish with lime slice. Pour in a martini glass.

1/2 cup diced, seedless watermelon, plus a wedge for garnish
Splash of simple syrup, recipe here. (You can find it in the store)
1/2 oz. Watermelon liqueur
2 oz. Bacardi Limon rum

Place watermelon chunk in shaker. Using the back of spoon, mash watermelon against glass. Add syrup, liquour, rum and ice. shake well; strain into a large martini glass. Garnish with watermelon wedge.

1-1/2 oz. Raspberry vodka.
1/2  oz. triple sec
1 tsp fresh lime juice
Splash of elderflower syrup
Store-bought blue cake frosting (get vanilla frosting and add a bit of blue food color)

Decorate chilled martini glass with swirls of blue frosting (inside).
In shake combine vodka, triple sec, lime juice, elderflower syrup and ice. Shake, strain into
small martini glasses.

Note: the elderflower syrup can be found in IKEA stores.

This recipes are from In Style Magazine December 2005.

James Martini on Foodista

Good Eating!!!

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