How to Make Basket Weave with Piping Roses on Top

 The Basket Weave technique is very simple but require to put aside some time to complete a cake with this technique. I prefer to use this technique in a small cake, because it is very time consuming and being honest at the end of the day my hand was hurting me, so I  cannot imaging doing this in a large cake… But I have seen large cake done with this technique and they look gorgeous.
For this assignment I used a dommi (6-in) and not a real cake. For making the piped roses and the Basket Weave I use Royal Icing in different consistency.
These roses are called Wilton roses,  the most popular icing flower. To make these roses you will need Tips no. 12 and No. 104, Icing Consistency (or butter cream) -stiff,  Decorating Bag and flower Nail No. 7

The  flowers has 7 petals. I used the Wilton Technique.

Let the flowers dry for 24 hours
Watch a video below, This video will teach you how to make the roses. Beside the class I watched a lot of videos in the net to see over and over how to do the technique before I did my first rose, I think it did not came out that bad.
I suggest you to practice and practice and practice…

I made the roses One day in advance. But you can place the flower on the cake just right after they are made. With buttercream the flowers will be firm outside but still creamy in the inside , with Royal Icing… they will be hard.

Basket Weave, this is my basket weave, as you see in the picture I made a line around the cake  as a guide to start. The I made it all around

For the basketweave you will need Tip no. 47,  Icing consistency: Medium.
I got this video from youtube, Wilton Techniques. I think this is the best video about this, but you can also check in Epicurious,, that was a Master Class for me. I hope you enjoy it.
For Basketweave variations, try any of the following:

  • Combine Tip No. 47 and tip 16
  • Combine Tip No. 7 and Tip No. 47
  • Single Practice Tip No. 44
  • Single Practice Tip No. 17

Good Eating!!!

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